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Hi! I’m 13 years old and I own Roasty Toasty Campfire Company. I started this business when I was 11 after reading a financial book with my dad and it inspired me to start my own business. I want to earn money to go to University to study business and be an Interior Designer.

I first started selling firewood and have now expanded the Roasty Toasty brand! In addition to selling firewood, I now sell apparel, metal signs, fire rings, fire pits and heated chairs!

What I like most about having my own business is coming up with new ideas and getting to meet all different types of people. I love the challenges that come with owning a business. I am excited to learn more and keep growing my business.

Stay Toasty!

Olivia Irvine


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How to find your Roasty Toasty items


Meadowview Road, Todd’s Independent Grocer (Haliburton), the Snack Bar (West Guilford), and Bitter Lake Road (Kennisis Lake).


Todd’s Independent Grocer, Haliburton Home Hardware, Great Canadian RV in Peterborough, Online, or Email rtcampfire@gmail.com

For pick up in Haliburton, please email rtcampfire@gmail.com, payments can be made by e-transfer or cash.

Fire Pits, Rings, Signs and Chairs

Great Canadian RV in Peterborough, Online, or Email rtcampfire@gmail.com.


Heated Camping Chair Demonstration

A demonstration of how to open my campfire bags.

It's so easy!